Meet Sujoud Abbas, Arab-Israeli delegation

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my name is sujoud and I'm 16' years old :).
let me tell you a little bit about myself! Honestly, I am a big fan of animals especially horses, dogs and cats. In fact I should mention that I am raising four cute cats.
regarding my hobbies; well i have many! But on top of my list is hiking.
Sport is a lifestyle, thats why i ADORE sports, so you should know that i am very competitive.
All in all, I must say that I'm so glad to be part of peace camp 2016 and I can't wait to meet you all soon!!!
but for now; peace, love and unity :)

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Meet Nagwa Younis, Arab-Israeli delegation

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My name is Najwa Younis , I'm 16 years old and I'm Arabian.
I live in Nazareth, Israel . I like to spend my free time with my friends.
My favorite color is yellow, even my cellphone is yellow.
I have one brother and one sister I love them so much.
I speak 3 languages: Arabic , Hebrew and English.
The peace is important it's a public security.
no one can live in a war all the time, if there's a pease we can live in a better life .
See you soon.

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Meet Shalev Weisbach, Jewish-Israeli delegation

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Hey everyone!
My name is Shalev Weisbach,I'm 16 years old, and I live in Israel in a small place that called Nofit.
I'm the oldest brother in the family, I only have one more sister.
I love to play basketball and football and hang with friends a lot, and I love to make new friends.
I hope that in the delegation we will make a new contacts and learn about each other, I just can't wait.

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