Meet Reem Mitana, assistant and support

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My name is Reem Mitana I am an English teacher. I am 27 years old.
I live in a city in the center of Israel and I work as an English teacher in Jaffa.
I took part in the first two peace camps, I knew lots of people from different countries and cultures. I am still in contact with many friends and we sometimes talk about the things that are happening in the world.

I took part in the peace camp as a pupil and now I will take part in it as a support person. I wish you will enjoy the workshops and the camp itself. Taking part in the camp is an opportunity to all of you to listen to each other and learn about each others' religion, culture, traditions.
I wish you all will enjoy the camp.

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The team of peacecamp 2016

Four group coordinators:
- Liz Vanun – Jewish Israeli group from Zvulun High School/Kibbutz Yagur
- Faizeh Khoury – Arab Israeli group from Hagalil High School in Nazareth
- Szilvia Kneusel – Hungarian delegation from Szent Laslo High School, Budapest
- Caroline Koczan – Austrian delegation from several schools in Vienna, including a small group of asylum seeking youth residing in Austria.

- Reem Matani – Assistance and support

- Silvio Gutkowski – Psychiatrist and Group analyst in Jerusalem, will lead the large group sessions
- Dorit Knobel – Team meetings, teachers’ group and crisis intervention

- AnnPhie Fritz and Lukas Hauptfeld (Austria) – Art and Outdoor workshops
- Alexandra Lux, Markus Priller and Thomas Stern (Austria) – talks4peace workshops
- Gerald Muthsam (Austria) – Film and Foto documentation

- Ronny Böhmer – peacecamp administrator
- Evelyn Böhmer-Laufer – peacecamp director

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Meet Liz Vanun, Coordinator of the Jewish-Israeli delegation

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My name is Liz Vanun and I am an English teacher at the Carmel Zvulun Regional High School, which is situated near Haifa and it right at the foot of the Carmel Mountain. I will be the coordinator of the Jewish Israeli delegation for the 4th time. I was born in the Netherlands and lived there until I was 21 years old. I have been living in Israel for 36 years now and have been teaching for 25 years. I love being a teacher because I enjoy the company of young people: they inspire me and always drive me to explore new fields. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy Peace Camp so much: I hear new perspectives, opinions and enjoy listening to the things young people have to say on various topics. As always, I am looking forward to the 5th of July.

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