Monday, 16. May 2016
Meet Liz Vanun, Coordinator of the Jewish-Israeli delegation

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My name is Liz Vanun and I am an English teacher at the Carmel Zvulun Regional High School, which is situated near Haifa and it right at the foot of the Carmel Mountain. I will be the coordinator of the Jewish Israeli delegation for the 4th time. I was born in the Netherlands and lived there until I was 21 years old. I have been living in Israel for 36 years now and have been teaching for 25 years. I love being a teacher because I enjoy the company of young people: they inspire me and always drive me to explore new fields. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy Peace Camp so much: I hear new perspectives, opinions and enjoy listening to the things young people have to say on various topics. As always, I am looking forward to the 5th of July.